William Stewart (b. 1815 d 1895)

William Stewart (b. 1815 d 1895)

William's real parents were Hugh Stewart & Mary McKinnal

From his obituary written in 1895, author unknown, his parents were listed as Hugh Stewart and Mary McKinall. Also a handwritten journal page we think was written by Annie Stewart Heggie, lists William's parents as Hugh Stewart & Mary McInaul, with all their children being born in Ireland.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last year we hired Debrett Ancestry Research Ltd, in England to look into our William Stewart family history problem. They admitted that it proved to be a very challenging problem. I will quote here the summary in their report..dated 8/29/2012
In conslusion, despite extensive searches in Scottish and Irish records, we cannot claim to have made a breakthrough in this challenging case. Scottish records have clarified exactly when the family moved from Ireland to the Clyde area of Scotland, but nowhere do Scottish records show the family's place of origin in Ireland before the move in 1845. Irish records have confirmed that the parishes of Billy and Dunluce, on the north-west coast of County Antrim are the most promising places to seek the Stewart/St(e)uart and McInaul/McKin(n)al(l) famliies. More work could be carried out in more specialized Irish sources, such as the Registry of Deeds, probate records and the Tithe Applotment Books for County Antrim, but there can be no guarantee that this will produce clear-cut evidence of the origins of Hugh Stewart and Mary McInaul.
Sadly, we are back to searching on our own. If anyone other there has an interest, the following records need to be searched for our Antrim area Stewarts: (Let me know as I have already done some research in these areas and can give you what I have. Registry of Deeds, Probate Records, Graveyard Records, Search for William's brothers and sisters lineage, Newspapers for the areas, Immigration records, Local Histories

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