William Stewart (b. 1815 d 1895)

William Stewart (b. 1815 d 1895)

William's real parents were Hugh Stewart & Mary McKinnal

From his obituary written in 1895, author unknown, his parents were listed as Hugh Stewart and Mary McKinall. Also a handwritten journal page we think was written by Annie Stewart Heggie, lists William's parents as Hugh Stewart & Mary McInaul, with all their children being born in Ireland.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last year we hired Debrett Ancestry Research Ltd, in England to look into our William Stewart family history problem. They admitted that it proved to be a very challenging problem. I will quote here the summary in their report..dated 8/29/2012
In conslusion, despite extensive searches in Scottish and Irish records, we cannot claim to have made a breakthrough in this challenging case. Scottish records have clarified exactly when the family moved from Ireland to the Clyde area of Scotland, but nowhere do Scottish records show the family's place of origin in Ireland before the move in 1845. Irish records have confirmed that the parishes of Billy and Dunluce, on the north-west coast of County Antrim are the most promising places to seek the Stewart/St(e)uart and McInaul/McKin(n)al(l) famliies. More work could be carried out in more specialized Irish sources, such as the Registry of Deeds, probate records and the Tithe Applotment Books for County Antrim, but there can be no guarantee that this will produce clear-cut evidence of the origins of Hugh Stewart and Mary McInaul.
Sadly, we are back to searching on our own. If anyone other there has an interest, the following records need to be searched for our Antrim area Stewarts: (Let me know as I have already done some research in these areas and can give you what I have. Registry of Deeds, Probate Records, Graveyard Records, Search for William's brothers and sisters lineage, Newspapers for the areas, Immigration records, Local Histories

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Research Report - Work Underway

by Melonie Crnich, email:melcrnich@yahoo.com

Goal #1: Prove parentage and date of birth of William Stewart, married to Sarah Thompson who immigrated to Utah in 1864.

Premise #1: William was the son of William Stewart and Mary Mc Larty, born 1 May 1814 in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland

Records Found:
A) Ancestral file, IGI, records handed down from grandparents, and a history written by Catherine Heggie Griffith, granddaughter to William Stewart, all reflect that William born to William or (Hugh) Stewart and Mary McLarty in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland, 1 May 1814 was our ancestor. (Records submitted by Andrew Looslie Heggie, gg grandson, living in Clarkston, UT)
(history found: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~archibald/wil-stwt.htm)

B) Death record for the William born to William Stewart and Mary McLarty in Campbeltown, 24 Apr 1820. This William married Sarah Whittum on 10 Jun 1843 and he died 20 Jun 1864 in Scotland. This record proved this William was NOT our ancestor.
(death record found LDS Family History Library Film#323676, 1864, pg 12.)
C) Conversation with Jeannine Hendricks (Rose Park, Utah; granddaughter to Catherine H. Griffiths), stated that many years ago, before 1935, the Stewart family hired a genealogist named Bryan Leese to search for these ancestors. At the time he was reported to be the best and I'm sure working with what records were then available, he made his best guess. I feel that this is where the Campbeltown connection may have come from.

William Stewart and Mary McLarty were the parents of a William Stewart but their son did not marry Sarah Thompson. Their son died in Scotland so he could NOT be our ancestor. The history put together by Catherine Heggie Griffith, granddaughter to William Stewart seems to be inaccurate as well, with some possible correct historical assumptions. Further research will prove or disprove those assumptions. It can only be used as a guide at this point.

Premise #2 William was born to other parents in the Campbeltown, Scotland area.

A) Letter written to Bernice Orcutt in Montana from Helen McFadyen (a descendant of William's son William who remained in Scotland), Sept 1980 which states William was born 24 April 1820 to Peter Stewart and Janet Mc Murchy. (http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~archibald/s-letters.htm)

B) Death certificate for William son of Peter Stewart and Janet McMurchy states he was born 23 Feb 1790,son of Peter Stewart and Janet McMurchy and widower of Janet Colvllle. Further research showed that he married Janet Colville, 18 Dec 1832, had children on several census’ (1841,1851,1861,1871,1881) and died 18 Apr 1881. (Certificate can be found: LDS FHL Film #385338, pg 22, #64)

C) Using Parish Records for Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland, searches were made for other possible William Stewart's being born in the area:
1: William born 8 Apr 1814 to Duncan Stewart & Margaret Greenless was on the 1841 Census and living in Peniver & present at mother's death in 1866 in Scotland.
2: William born 15 Oct 1818 to Peter & Agnes Clark , married Martha McBride.
3: William born 13 Jun 1809 to Dugald & Isobel McMillian, married Mary Logan, Farmer Tonroich and was present at death of his wife in 1859.
4: William born 11 Aug 1798 to Duncan & Margaret McArther. This William would be too young to be ours.

D) LDS Clarkston Ward Records gives no parents but states William was born Campbeltown. (FHL Film #0025607, LDS Clarkston Ward Records, Item 11, pg 77 & 78)

E) Clarkston Cemetery, Cache, Utah headstone states he was born 21 March 1814, Campbeltown, Scotland (Clarkston Cemetery Records FHL Film #1035776, Item 1)

F) Prominent Men of Utah state William born 12 May 1817 in Greenock
(FHL CD Prominent Men of Utah pg 188)

Conclusion: Although many records were found which stated William was born in Campbeltown, they were all secondary sources. There were no William's born to a Hugh Stewart in the area either. As no original sources have been found I can not assume that William was born in Campbeltown area.

Premise #3: If not in Campbeltown, where else could William have been born? Possibly in another part of Scotland or Ireland.

A) Using LDS Church Records, and Census Records, searches were made to find a logical birth place:

1: Greenock LDS Church Records stated William born 1 May 1815, Ballymorris, Billy, Antrim, Ireland. (FHL Film#104152, item 11, pg 77 & 78.)
2: 1851 Census of West Greenock, Scotland states William born Ireland. (FHL Film# 103750, ED1a, pg 6, #16)
3: 1861 Census of Alexandria, Scotland states William born Ireland.
(FHL Film# 1038171, Ed5, pg 30 & 31, #144)
4: Immigration Record on Gen. McClellan states William born Ireland.
(FHL Film #25692, Item 1, pg 131 #60)
5: 1870 Census of Clarkston, Utah states William born Scotland.
(Heritage Quest Davis County Library)
6: 1880 Census of Clarkston, Utah states William born Scotland
(FHL Film #1255336, Vol1, ed 13, pg 3, line 1)
7: 1895 Obituary in Logan Newspaper states William was born in Scotland and immigrated to Ireland as young boy.(FHL Film #1303012, Vol 14 Logan Newspaper)

Conclusion: No primary record of his birth has been found. It can only be assumed that he may have been born in Campbeltown area and grew up in Antrim, Ireland, or he was born in Ireland but records of proof have not been found yet. Billy Parish Records were all destroyed, so other substitutes will be looked at.

Premise #4: William was son of Hugh Stewart and Mary Mc Inaul, living in Antrim, Ireland area as a young boy and immigrating first to Scotland and then to Utah

A: A hand written journal entry (we suspect written by Anne Stewart Heggie, William's daughter) states his parents were Hugh Stewart & Mary McInaul and lists their children) all born in Antrim, Ireland. William had an older brother named William who died in infancy. Our William was child #2 born 1815.
(original in possession of Beth Roberts, West Jordan, Utah; a copy will be posted on this blog.)

B: Obituary found in Logan Weekly, states William was born to Hugh Stewart and Mary McInall in Scotland and lived for a time in Ireland.
(FHL Film #1303012, Vol 14 Logan Newspaper; a picture posted on this blog.)

C: 1851 Census of West Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland states William, Sarah and all their children were born in Ireland, except the youngest Hugh, who was born in Scotland area. (FHL Film# 103750, ED1a, pg 6, #16)

D: 1861 Census of Bonhill, Alexandra, Dunbartonshire, Scotland states William was born in Ireland. (FHL Film# 1038171, Ed5, pg 30 & 31, #144)

E: In a letter written by William to his son William Thompson in Alexandria, Scotland, he refers to himself as Paddy Grandfather. Paddy is slang for a man of Irish birth or descent, normally if he were truly a Scot, he would never call himself an Irishman.

F: Immigration Record on Gen. McClellan states William born Ireland.
(FHL Film #25692, Item 1, pg 131 #60)

Conclusion: No original sources have been found to indicate that William was born in Ireland, but although there is conflicting other information out there, many records indicate he was born in Ireland. There is, however, definite prove that he "did" live in Ireland where none has been found to show he lived in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland. His obituary and a journal page entry indicate parents were Hugh Stewart and Mary McInaul. I will assume he was born Ireland 1815, and his parents were Hugh Stewart and Mary McInaul.

Goal# 2 Where was Hugh Stewart born?

Premise #1: Was Hugh born in Scotland?
Assuming he was born about 1790, I used IGI, Scottish Parish Registers, Scotlandspeople, Ancestry.com, and census searches and found the following names:

1776 Hugh b. Ardnamurchan, Argyll. Mrd: Mary. Found children to this couple and they were all present in Ardnamurchan in the 1841, and 1851 census'. Not our William.
1786 Hugh b. Renfrew, Scotland Mrd: Margaret; found in 1841 Census for Scotland.
1790 William b. Campbeltown F: Peter Stewart M: Janet McMurchy. They had a son William but he married Janet Collville. (Not sure who added Hugh to this name, but it appears in IGI.NO Hugh appears in census or parish records to these parents!!)
1792 Hugh b. Abbey, Renfrew, F: Robert Stewart M: Elizabeth Deal; maybe
1793 Hugh b. Kilcalmonell & Kilberry, Argyll. F: John Stewart, maybe
1793 Hugh b. Dumbarton, Dumbarton. F: William Stewart M: Sarah Livingston
No other children appear born in Scotland to this couple, maybe
1795 Hugh b. Killean & Kilcheznie. F: Robert Stewart M: Isabella Mitchell
These parents had 6 children and lived in this parish through at least 1801; maybe a connection.
1798 Hugh b. Appin, Shuna, Argyll. F: William Stewart M:Janet McIntyre (Lismore) (TOO YOUNG)

There were other Hugh's found on ScotlandsPeople, but these were the only ones I considered.

Conclusion: Possible John Stewart father, date of Hugh's birth (1793) would work, but no other information has been found to link him. Possible Robert Stewart father, although Hugh's birth date (1795) would make him 19 when first son William was born in 1814. A little young. However, this line shows good possibility of linking up with our DNA line, which will be explained farther down.

Goal #3: Where was Mary McInaul, (McKinall) born?

A) Found a Mary McInal b. 1874 in Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scotland. Close to where our DNA family is found; more later about the DNA connection.

B) Griffiths Evaluation found many McInauls in Derrykeighan Parish

Conclusion: None can be made without more evidence.

Goal #4: Locate William's parents Hugh Stewart & Mary McInaul and their children in Ireland. Using the names from the journal page of Annie Stewart try to locate the family in Billynarris, Antrim, Ireland area. (5Mile radius search)
William b. 1815
Thomas b. 1817
John b. 1819
Hugh b. 1822
Sarah b. 1825
Adam b. 1839
Mary b. 1843
Alexander ?
Ann ?

A): 1803 Census Index for Antrim, Ireland finds Hugh Stewart in Ballynarris, Antrim, Ireland.

B): 1823-1838 Tithe Applotment finds William and John in Ballynaris.

C): 1827 Tithe Applotment finds Hugh in Ballydivity, Antrim, Ireland

D: 1829 Freeholders list showed a Hugh and William Stewart in Cloyfin

E:) 1838 OS finds a William & James in Ballynarry Lower

F): 1848 Griffith's Evaluation 1848 in Antrim, & Derry County finds three Hugh Stewart's of interest. (1) Priestland East (Dunluce); (2) Priestland West (Dunluce); (3) Killygreen Lower, Ballywillin in Londdonderry County.

G:) 1840 Billy Estate Records has James Stewart owning property in Billy

H:) History of Billy Church has one tombstone from late 17th century laid in memory of the Stewarts of Eagry, dated 1684.

I): Billy Cemetery Records lists the burial of William Stewart of Ballynaris d 1848 age 85 yrs. His wife Ann and two sons William d 1811 and Thomas d 1845. Also John of Deepstown d. 1877 age 71.

J): Dunluce Church records have several Stewarts in the right time period

K): Found a Hugh Stewart and wife Mary living in Cloyfin/Kilgrain area. Hugh died 1883 age 83. They had William b. 1825, James b. 1826, Martha b 1830, Mary Stewart b 1833, Hugh b. 1836, Eliza b. 1838, Rachel Ann b 1839, Thomas b 1843. Doesn't appear to be our family. This Hugh Stewart appears to have large amounts of land, showing as Landlord in the Griffith Evaluation 1859 to Hugh McNaul, John Sinclair, James Wiseland, James Rankin. All lands in Priestland, Dunluce Parish. but although probably a relative, I don't think it is our Hugh.
(Families of Ballyrashane by Rev. T.H. Mullin, pg 30)

Using the information found in the preceding research several families have developed with Hugh as the father:

Hugh Stewart b. 1800 d. 1883 & Mary b. 1800 d. 1889 of Cloyfin/Kilgrain, Ballyrashane Parish, (1831 Tithe Allotment, 1859 Griffiths, Families of Ballyrashane,and Marriages of children:
William b 1825
James b. 1826
Martha b. 1830
Mary b. 1833
Hugh b. 1836
Mary Eliza b. 1838
Rachel Ann b. 1839
Thomas b. 1843

Hugh Stewart of Priestland
1848-1868 Several Hugh Stewarts found on Griffiths at Ballybogy, Priestland East, West.

Hugh Stewart of Kilrea
1861 Griffiths William, Hugh, Charles Stewarts are found.

William Stewart b. 1763 d. 1845/8 & Ann b. 1755 of Billynarris (Billy Cemetery) Sons: William b. 1793 d. 1811
Thomas b. 1795 d. 1845
Did they have a son Hugh?Time would be right?

Conclusions: It seems we are finding our Stewart's names in the Billy Parish area as well as other areas within a five mile radius. However, it is still unclear how they connect, where they came from, and how long they have been in the area. Finding in the Billy Cemetery a William Stewart and wife Ann with William & Thomas their sons also buried, makes me think they might be a grandfather and uncles to OUR William. But where is Hugh, his father buried?

Goal #5: Where are Hugh & Mary buried? They would both be living in 1843 at the time of the birth of their last child Mary.

A): IGI gives death of Mary McInaul as 28 Mar 1870. Locating that death record in the civil registration gives the information of a Mary Stewart, farmer's widow age 77 years, dying of heart disease 5 years conscerca 3 years, uncertified medical attendant present. The mark of Mary Stewart present at death (Mary was the name of their last daughter) living at Carmagrim, PortglenoneAntrim, Ahoghill Parish. Ballymena Union. (FHL Film #101716, v6, p.106) Is this OUR Mary and is Hugh buried in the cemetery by her?

B):IGI gives a death date for a Hugh Stewart b. 1790 Campbeltown who died 21 May 1876 at Berrshaugh, Aberlour, Banff, Scotland. I have tried to contact the contributor: CullimoreKathy1 (posted 12 Apr 2010) but she did not respond. I have searched ScotlandsPeople, Familysearch.org and Ancestry.com and found NO information matching that. Where did she get that information?

C): Not found in the Billy Parish Cemetery, according to NALIL records of Billy Cemetery. (http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~irlantbp/)

Conclusion: Although the death record found in Carmagrim for Mary Stewart looks possible, there is no definite proof for the burial of either Mary or Hugh.

Goal # 5: Using a DNA Search from Craig Stewart 3rd greatgrandson to William Stewart (b. 1815), find a connection to another Stewart line with known lineage.

A): In October 2009, Craig participated in a DNA 37 marker test with Familytree. Several matches were returned but only two at the 37 Marker.
#1 Gary Lee Stuart with a distance of 1. Gary traced his line back to Kentucky with William Stuart b. 1823 Kentucky.
#2 Jeffrey D. Stewart traced his line back to David Stewart b. 1757 Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, with a perfect match at 37 markers. Jeffrey has kindly sent me all his excellent research documentation.

B): I met with Anna Swayne with Genetree.com DNA Research Company on 10/20/2010. She said with the perfect match at 37 markers there was a 97% certainty that our ancestors connect within 8 steps. We also belong to a very rare Haplogroup (Eb1b1b1-M35) which suggests our bloodline is very rare and comes from Africa and a small area in Europe. Theory includes the Burbur people in Morocco and the Sami people in (Reindeer people) in Scandinavia.

C): Using FamilySearch, ScotlandsPeople, Ancestry.com I was able to link into their line with several unproven assumptions. One of these assumptions would show up in Billy as William Stewart married to Ann, buried in the Billy Cemetery.

Conclusion: A couple of possibilities appear, but I am hesitant to draw any conclusions at this point. None of the descendant research is proven, only guesses. Apparently we do (because of DNA) connect to Robert Stewart b. 1757, from Kirkcudbright, Scotland, but how and when I do not know.

Conclusions: More research needs to be undertaken to make any positive assumptions.